SX OS 1.5

SX OS 1.5 2018-08-14

¡Nueva versión SX OS 1.5!

Cambios destacados:
  • Servidor FTP: Ahora tendremos integrado dentro del Álbum un servidor FTP, para que así cada vez que tengas que copiar algún fichero no tengas que extraer la microSD.
  • Instalación múltiple de ficheros NSP

Changelog oficial:
  • Added mass NSP install (and optional delete) functionality
    Users who want to install a lot of NSP titles at once can now easily do so by pressing [Y] in the installer tab. Upon finish the NSP installer will also ask you if you want to delete the NSP source files from your microSD card, freeing up space and keeping every neat and tidy!
  • FTP server support
    You can now enable a FTP server from the options tab in our menu that will keep running even once the menu is closed. This FTP server gives direct access to your microSD card, so you no longer have to eject the card to store/retrieve files.
  • More content directories
    Some people complained that they didn't like all the XCI/NSP/NRO files in the root of their SD card. We have to agree that becomes a bit messy, so the menu will now scan the following directories as well looking for game content:
    • /sxos/games
    • /sxos/xci
    • /sxos/nsp
    • /sxos
    • /switch/games
    • /switch/xci
    • /switch/nsp
    • /switch
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