NX-Shell 1.04


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Ago 7, 2018
Gestor de ficheros para la Nintendo Switch.
Versión: 1.04

Changelog 1.04:
  • Added eBook reader by rock88. (Supports the following formats: PDF, CBZ, FB2, EPUB) –> D-PAD Up/Down – zoom in/out, D-PAD left/right or L/R or touch – previous/next page, and the circle pad is used for positioning the viewpoint.
  • Next/Previous now supports other music formats supported by NX-Shell and not just MP3.
  • Gallery/Image viewer can now view next/previous images in a working folder. (Only PNG/GIF/BMP/JPG) – Use D-PAD or L/R or touch.
  • Music player now has support for Shuffle and Repeat. This occurs once the current audio file is done playing depending on the option selected.
  • About screen now displays the contributors who have contributed to NX-Shell.
  • Add multi-select for delete/copy/cut. (Please note you can only multi-select items from one working directory) -> Use the “Y” button to select multiple items. Note the menu bar is now opened using either touch or the minus button.
  • Move option no longer copies and then deletes the folder/file. It moves the item instantly and is therefore much faster than previous releases.
  • Now uses FS services to browse dir. (Removed sorting by date for now until its available with the FS service)
  • Minor code clean-up in several areas. (It’s never enough)
  • Fix audio selection going out of bounds when using next/previous.
  • Next/Previous can now be used by the L/R trigger buttons.

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