How to install SX OS Custom Firmware (CFW)


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Ago 7, 2018

How to install SX OS Custom Firmware (CFW)

WARNING: If you are using MacOS, don't follow the step of the transfer files to microSD because there have been cases in the forum that doesn't work properly.

For best results please follow this tutorial on a Windows machine.

The installation of the SX OS CFW is not very difficult, but you need to have access to the RCM recovery. (How to enter to the RCM recovery?).
When you have access to the RCM recovery you can continue with this tutorial.

Minimum requirements
NOTE: If you do not have a license for SX OS, you will only be able to access the Hombrew Launcher, you will not be able to run backups games.

Step 1
Download the required files:
  • SX Payload: It is the payload that we will launch in the RCM recovery to load the CFW.
  • SX OS 2.8: Is the CFW. Only you will need to put the file in the microSD.
  • Zadig Driver: It is the driver that we will need to send the payloads to the Switch through the RCM. Windows 10 compatible.
  • TegraRcmSmash: Tool with which we will send the payloads to the Switch.
  • TegraRcmGUI: It is the same as the previous one but it has a graphical interface and also installs the driver automatically.

Step 2
  • 1. We introduce the fully formatted microSD card in the PC, if it is not, it should be to avoid future problems.
  • 2. Unzip the file of the SX OS that we have previously downloaded in a folder on our PC.
  • 3. When unzipped we will see a file called boot.dat, we simply copy it to the root of the microSD, then eject the microSD and put it back to the Switch.
  • 4. With a JIG or with some mod of the joycon we enter the recovery mode RCM for the Switch.

Step 3
  • Once we make sure that the Switch is in recovery mode (RCM), we have to install the APX driver .
  • To do this you must open the Zadig tool and in the Options menu give List All Devices.
  • Then we select “APX” and then click on Install Driver.

NOTE: If you have problems installing the driver, you can download this tool that once it detects that the Switch is in RCM installs the driver automatically.

We are ready to send the payload.

Step 4
Now we need to unzip both the SX OS Payload and the TegraRcmSmash tool in the same folder and we should have it in the same folder these files:
  • sxloader10.bin
  • TegraRcmSmash.exe
Then we need to open a Windows console (CMD) and go to the folder where the files are and execute these command:
  • TegraRcmSmash.exe sxloader10.bin
And if everything is correctly we will see on the screen of our Switch the welcome screen of the SX OS.

Step 5 –License installation (optional)
Once we have sent the payload to the Switch we will get a screen like this:


If we select “Boot custom FW” we will get a message like this:

Once we click to "Continue" the SX OS will generate in the microSD a file called license-request.dat.

Next, we turn off the console, insert the microSD into our PC again and copy the file in question.

Now the hard part: the SX OS license is not free, the price is € 24.99. You can search on Internet "Buy SX OS license" por example, there are a lot of resellers selling the license.

When you have purchased the license and you have the code, we must enter this page:

And follow the instructions. Basically we will have to upload the file that we copied previously (license-request.dat) and then the page we will ask us for the license number that we have previously purchased.

If everything is correctly it will download a file called license.dat that we will have to copy in the root of our microSD.

After this, we need to put the microSD again into the Switch and then put the Switch back in RCM mode and send the SX payload again and if everything went well it will start the SX OS directly with the license.

That's all!
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