Turn on the Switch into RCM mode


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Ago 7, 2018
The console has a recovery mode called RCM (Tegra Recovery Mode) and we will use to send the payloads and execute unsigned code to the console.

If you want to access to RCM mode:
  • Make sure that the Switch is powered off.
  • We need to remove the right joy-con and put the jig (or paperclip) in the right rail.
  • Press the + button and without releasing it press the Power button.
  • Now if you have done correct these steps, the screen will remain black and the system doesn't turn on. ¡Congratulations! You are in RCM mode.
There are several ways to obtain a jig, below is a list:

NOTE: Beware when handling the console. Rail pins can wear out and even break due to improper use of the methods mentioned here.

This page is not responsible for any problem that may appear during the manipulation of the console.

Method 1 – Paper clip
You can view this tutorial:

Method 2 – Print a jig
This option requieres a 3D printer.
Also we need a paper clip to put in the jig.

You can print the jig 3D template in this webpage:

Method 3 – Buy a jig
If you don't have a 3D printer you can buy a printed 3D jig.
In eBay there are a lot of sellers that sells a printed 3D jig, for example:
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