1. oscarstoja

    Turn on the Switch into RCM mode

    The console has a recovery mode called RCM (Tegra Recovery Mode) and we will use to send the payloads and execute unsigned code to the console. If you want to access to RCM mode: Make sure that the Switch is powered off. We need to remove the right joy-con and put the jig (or paperclip) in the...
  2. oscarstoja

    Arrancar la Switch en modo RCM

    La consola dispone de un modo de recuperación llamado RCM (Tegra Recovery Mode) y que usaremos para enviar los payloads y ejecutar código no firmado en la consola. Para acceder al modo RCM: Tendremos que tener la consola apagada. Quitamos el joy-con derecho y colocamos un JIG en ese rail, es...