How to load game backups .NSP with the ReiNX CFW


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Ago 7, 2018

How to load game backups .NSP with the ReiNX CFW

ATTENTION: If you use the MacOS operating system, do not install the files in the microSD, since there have been cases in the forum that it does not work well. You need to do the process on a Windows operating system to copy the files to the microSD.

Installation of ReiNX Custom Firmware (CFW)

NOTE: With this tutorial you can load backups (backups) of games that have an .NSP extension with the CFW ReiNX. This custom firmware allows you to load games for free.

If you want to load backups of an .xci file (whether you have made a dump of your cartridge with WAIN Cart Dumper or downloaded from the Internet) you must install the CFW SX OS (you need license).

Minimum requirements

Step 1
Download the necessary files to install the CFW ReiNX:
  • ReiNX Package: Is the CFW that you need to unzip in your microSD card.
  • Zadig Driver: It is the driver that we will need to send the payloads to the Switch through the RCM. Windows 10 compatible.
  • TegraRcmSmash: Tool with which we will send the payloads to the Switch.

Step 2
  • 1. Put the fully formatted microSD card in your PC, if it is no formatted, it should be to avoid future problems.
  • 2. Unzip everything inside the SD folder of the ReiNX package file that we have previously downloaded to the root of the microSD.
  • 3. With a JIG or with some mod of the joycon we enter the recovery mode RCM of the Switch.
  • 4. Within the package that we will download you will see a file "ReINX.bin", which is the payload that we will send to the Switch to load the CFW.

Step 3
  • Once we make sure that the Switch is in recovery mode (RCM), we have to install the APX driver that our PC will have detected.
  • To do this you must open the Zadig tool and in the Options menu give List All Devices.
  • Then we select "APX" and then click on Install Driver.

NOTE: If you have problems installing the driver, you can download this tool that once it detects that the Switch is in RCM installs the driver automatically.

We are ready to send the payload.

Step 4
As we have commented previously, within the ReiNX Package that we have decompressed is the ReiNX.bin file that is the payload that we have to send to the Switch.

Now, unzip the TegraRcmSmash and we put the file ReiNX.bin and TegraRcmSmash in the same folder, so these two files should remain in the same folder:
  • ReiNX.bin
  • TegraRcmSmash.exe
Then we need to open a Command Prompt (CMD) and go to the folder where the files are and execute the command:
  • TegraRcmSmash.exe ReiNX.bin
And if everything has gone correctly we will see on the screen of our Switch the start of the ReiNX custom firmware.

NSP file installation (to install and load game backups)

Once we have the custom ReiNX firmware installed, we can start installing NSP files (which can be games, updates, etc ...)

Step 1
Download the necessary files to install the CFW ReiNX:

  • 1. Put again the microSD in your computer
  • 2. All the NSP files you have must be entered in the /tinfoil /nsp folder
  • 3. Run the ReiNX payload with TegraRCMSmash or another application to run payloads
  • 4. Once in the custom firmware, go to Album to start the homebrew.
  • 5. Open the Tinfoil homebrew.
  • 6. Install the NSP files.
  • 7. Enjoy
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