How to dump Nintendo Switch cartridges to .xci files with WAIN Cart Dumper


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Ago 7, 2018

How to dump Nintendo Switch cartridges to .xci files
with WAIN Cart Dumper

In this tutorial will you learn to make a dump (backup) of a original cartridge that you have and export it to an .xci file so that you can use it in the CFW SX OS for example.

Minimum requirements
Before you start, you should keep in mind that you have to meet a series of prerequisites.
You must have installed:
Step 1
We must download the WAIN Cart Dumper app from the Homebrew Apps section or by clicking on the following link:
Download WAIN Cart Dumper
Step 2
Once the WAIN Cart Dumper has been downloaded, we must unzip the file and then copy the WAINDUMPER.nro file in the “switch” folder of the microSD.

Can't find the switch folder on the microSD? Maybe you don't have the Hombrew Launcher installed. Follow the tutorial to install it.

Once the file is copied into the microSD, we proceed to insert the microSD into the Switch and start the CFW and enter to the Album and then the Homebrew launcher will load.
Step 3
We start the WAIN Cart Dumper application from the Album and a screen will appear with the cartridge inserted and some options:

Then we click on the "A" button to start the dump of the inserted cartridge.

Whenever you dump a cartridge, check that "Remove Cert" is set to NO.

The certificate is unique and non-transferable and is in the cartridge, so if you do not copy the certificate you will not be able to play online and your console can be banned.
Step 4
Once finished the WAIN Cart Dumper will have created in the microSD a file called game.xci
Simply rename the file with the name of the game in question.
NOTE: The filename can't contain spaces or symbols.
And the last step and the most important:
You must move the .xci file to the root of the microSD so that the SX OS detects the game.
NOTE: In the latests versions of the SX OS is not needed to move the file to the root of the microSD.

NOTE: Remember again that when changing the name do not put spaces, symbols or the name is very long, otherwise the operating system will not detect it.
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